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If you're interested in protecting your investment, then we certainly recommend looking in to extended warranty coverage from the best used vehicle dealer in Delaware. We always make sure that every one of our vehicles undergoes a rigorous inspection process before we ever offer them for sale, but we also provide additional coverage for people who want added security.



Our Pinnacle Protection Plan offers top-level vehicle protection against costly repairs due to mechanical breakdown of manufacturer installed mechanical and electrical parts The coverage is so extensive, only the following are excluded*: Spark plugs, glow plugs, PCV valves, filters, lubricants, thermostat housing, alignments, coolants and thermostats, Batteries, fuses, hoses, belts, tires, wheels, wheel covers, tire pressure sensors, light bulbs, sealed beams, light assemblies, LED lighting, lenses, shock absorbers, seat belt systems, exhaust systems/catalytic converters, brake rotors, brake drums, brake shoes, brake pads, speakers, cellular phones, upholstery, paint, glass, trim, moldings, weather strip/seals, door handles, lift gate handles, tailgate handles, door bushings/bearings, body panels, sheet metal, bumpers, frames, sub-frames, brackets, convertible top assemblies, vinyl top, personal computers, phone systems and pre-heated car systems, carburetors, manual clutch system, snow plow equipment, conversion van component package. Any equipment not installed by the manufacturer.

*NOTE: Please refer to your Service Agreement for a complete list and details.


Coverage on Listed Components

ENGINE: Gas/Diesel – All internally lubricated parts within the engine plus the cylinder heads, engine block, engine mounts, flex plate, flywheel and ring gear, harmonic balancer, intake and exhaust manifolds, oil dipstick and tube, oil pump, oil pump drive sprocket, timing chain/belt, and timing chain tensioner. The oil pan and valve covers are only covered if damaged by an internally lubricated part.
TURBO/SUPERCHARGER: All internally lubricated parts. Housing is only covered if damaged by an internally lubricated part. (Turbo/Supercharger surcharge must be checked for coverage to apply.)
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION: All internally lubricated parts, torque converter, transmission mounts, vacuum modulator, all gears, governor, oil pumps, clutch plates, shafts, internal valves, rings, servo units, friction and steel drums, bearings and bushings, bands. Transmission case is covered if damage is due to the failure of an internally lubricated part.
MANUAL TRANSMISSION: All internally lubricated parts, all gears, all bearings, main drive gear, internal shifting components, synchronizing drum, shafts and spacers, main shafts, bushings. Transmission case is covered if damage is due to the failure of an internally lubricated part.
DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY (Front & Rear): All internally lubricated parts within the drive axle housing plus the center carrier bearings, constant velocity joints, double offset joints, drive shaft/yokes, locking hub mechanisms, propeller shafts, and universal joints. The drive axle housing is only covered if damaged by an internally lubricated part.

TRANSFER UNIT: All internally lubricated parts within the transfer case. Transfer case is only covered if damaged by an internally lubricated part. (4x4/AWD surcharge must be checked for coverage to apply.)
BRAKES: ABS control module, ABS pump, ABS sensors, ABS accumulator, ABS motor, brake booster, calipers, hydraulic lines and fittings, master cylinder, rear actuators, and wheel cylinders.
STEERING: Power steering pump, rack and pinion, and all internally lubricated parts within the rack and pinion assembly. The steering box is only covered if damaged by an internally lubricated part.
ELECTRICAL: All electrical manual switches, alternator, analog gauges, convertible top motor, cruise control module, cruise control servo, electronic instrument cluster, electronic level control compressor, electronic level control sensor, electronic off headlamp sensor, power antenna motor, keyless entry system, main wiring harness, power door lock actuators, power mirror motor, power seat motor, power sunroof motor, power window motor, starter drive, starter motor, starter solenoid, voltage regulator, washer motor, wiper circuit board, and wiper motor(s) (front and rear). Radio, compact disc player, and cassette player covered if manufacturer installed but limited to repair only, cam sensor, crank sensor, ignition module, engine control unit (ECU), engine control module (ECM), ignition control unit (ICU), coil pack, coil(s), pick-up coil, manifold air temperature sensor (MAT), camshaft position sensor, coolant temperature sensor, idle air control valve, idle speed control motor, knock sensor mass air flow sensor (MAF), manifold absoluted pressure sensor (MAP), oxygen sensor, vehicle speed sensor, throttle position sensor.
AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING (factory Authorized Only): Accumulator, compressor, compressor clutch, compressor pulley, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, high/low cut off switches, orifice tube, and receiver/dryer.
FRONT & REAR SUSPENSION: Ball joints, struts, spindles, upper and lower control arms, and wheel bearings.
FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel injection pump, fuel injectors, metal fuel lines, and primary fuel pump.
COOLING SYSTEM: Blower motor, cooling fan clutch, cooling fan blade, cooling fan motor, heater core, radiator, and water pump.
SEALS & GASKETS: On all listed components are covered, including: Axle gasket(s), compressor seal(s), CV joint boot(s), cylinder head gasket(s), differential gasket(s), exhaust manifold gasket(s), front crankshaft seal(s), hub or wheel bearing seals, intake manifold gasket(s), oil pan gasket, output shaft seal, rear main seal, shifter seal, speedometer cable seal, steering pump shaft seal, timing cover gasket, transfer case seal(s), transmission pan gasket, valve cover gasket. (Seals and gasket coverage available only on vehicles with less than 100,000 miles.)

The Medallion ELITE Protection Plan will keep you on the road without breaking the bank. Easy to understand and easy on the wallet, this is a smart way to "hedge your bet" against your vehicle's repairs. This strong component protection covers things that keep your vehicle running and your passengers comfortable.

• Engine (Gas/Diesel)
• Turbo/Supercharger
• Automatic Transmission
• Manual Transmission
• Drive Axle Assembly
• Transfer Unit
• Seals & Gaskets*
• Electrical Components
• Front/Rear Suspension

• Brakes
• Steering
• Fuel System
• Cooling System
• Air Conditioning
• Heating
• Brakes
• Steering
• Fuel System

*Seals & Gaskets coverage available ONLY on vehicles with less than 100,000 miles.

The affordable, easy to use Powertrain ELITE Protection Plan offers coverage for most important (and most expensive to repair) components of your vehicle.

• Engine (Gas/Diesel)
• Turbo/Supercharger
• Automatic Transmission
• Manual Transmission
• Drive Axle Assembly
• Transfer Unit
• Seals & Gaskets *

Reimbursement of deductible for parts covered under manufacturer’s warranty.\
Car rental coverage while your vehicle is being repaired.

Reimbursement for meals and lodging while your car is being repaired, when you’re far away from home.

Roadside service for minor mechanical issues, flat tires, dead batteries, and if you run out of gas or your engine needs fluids.

Towing service to a repair facility when your car is disabled.

Onsite locksmith service, should you accidently lock your keys in your vehicle.

Restrictions & limitations may apply. Please see contract for complete details.

*Seals & Gaskets covered ONLY when required in connection to a covered repair or replacement of covered parts.

H & C Auto Sales has been working with top quality dealers and financial institutions to ensure vehicle buyers/ owners have cost- effective access to extended vehicle service coverage and the benefits they need to keep them on the road, while keeping the cost of repairs to a minimum. Our agreements are fully insured and backed for the complete term of every contract sold.

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